This page is being populated beginning in May 2015 and through the summer.

Mix-It-Up Lab – This lab uses everyday household items to let students do different reactions safely and somewhat contained.  Everything can be purchased at your local grocery store with the exception of the Calcium Chloride.

Part I – Procedure and Working Data Tables (Give Out The First Day)

Part II – Unknown Identification Tables (Give Out After Lab Has Been Completed)

Part III – Lab Report


Soap Lab – I originally did this as a year end lab once State testing was over. However in the future I may use it for our reactions unit.

Soap Lab Background & Procedures


Hydrocarbon Lab: This lab lets students explore the physical and chemical properties of various hydrocarbons. (Make sure you have these on hand prior to starting lab).

Hydrocarbon Lab

Hydrocarbon Lab Report


Five Minute Ice Cream: Nice end of the year or other placement.  Link has the Science of Ice Cream and a very cheap and fast way to make ice cream in class.

Five Minute Ice Cream